Very Much Alive


Very Much Alive: Stories of Resilience

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The pre-pandemic stories you will find in this book do not contain utopias or cast a light back on a better or happier time. They don’t tell stories of a world where nothing bad happens. As you’ll read, it is the small acts of resiliency that give humans the courage to face their fears, and ultimately, to change.

In these pages you will find artwork, poetry and stories by Canadian artists and our editors. We are part of this journey together, and we are still here – and very much alive. – Lexie Angelo


Heather Bonin MacIntosh • Moni Brar • Alycia Pirmohamed • Sam Le Butt • Zachary Keesey • Sindhu Rajasekaran • Tal Bressette • Sonali Misra • Pamela Medland • Marina Stepanova • Lexie Angelo • Chelsea Welsh • Ky Mason • Alan Hill • Katherine Koller • Willow Loveday Little • Finnian Burnett • Shannon Taylor-Jones • Brandie J. Wright • Ania Telfer • Nicole Haywood • Taliha Quadri • Kristin Bjornerud • Amanda Lederle • K. R. Byggdin • Eimear Laffan • Allison Thompson • Holly Schofield • Alejandra Jimenez de Luis • Alex Benarzi • Suzanne Whitney Ghadimi • Christa Marie Burgin • Vina Nguyen • Kailash Srinivasan • Robin van Eck • Rayanne Haines • Nadeen Almubarak • Heidi Klaassen • Tristan Hay Lee • Christine de León • Jessica Waite • Ellen Adams • Maryann Martin

Lexie Angelo, Sam Le Butt, Christa Marie, Sonali Misra, Stefano Paparo, Chelsea Welsh

Taliha Quadri

Cover Artist:
Pranisha Shrestha

5.5 x 8.5 inches
190 pages


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Published by The Selkie Publications CIC
Expected Publication Date: 31 March 2021
Language: English
ISBN: 9781777086527