Interview: Emily Horgan and Zach Dickson

The editors of So Hormonal discuss the making of the book and its reception.

Interview: Meghan Purvis

Meghan Purvis received an MA and PhD from the University of East Anglia, and an MFA from North Carolina State University. Her translation of Beowulf was published in 2013

Interview: Maria Turtschaninoff

Taliha Quadri interviews Finnish fantasy author Maria Turtschaninoff. Her book series The Red Abbey Chronicles is published by Pushkin Press and translated by Annie Prime.

Quick Fire Q&A with Łukasz Drobnik

Robin Brown interviews Łukasz Drobnik, author of ‘Airborne’, a short story featured in The Selkie’s anthology, Transformation

Interview: Faran Kiani

Taliha Quadri interviews Faran Kiani, the author of Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince, which was the first ever fantasy book in English published by the National Book Foundation of Pakistan.

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