States of Transformation


It seems somewhat crass to point out that we are living in a time of intense and rapid social and political transformation: that truth is blindingly self evident. Such a statement reads like one of those clunky first lines in an English Literature essay: ‘the early twenty-first century has been a time of great change.’ And yet, this anthology has done what a good contemporary anthology ought to do: gather together a small crowd of smart people, and through their writings, capture a snapshot of that change. It shows us what things look like right here. Right now.
– Claire Askew

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Fiona Ashley • Stella Hervey Birrell • Brooke Bourgeois • Łukasz Drobnik • Miki Byrne • Hannah McCooke • Anita Goveas • Gillian Mellor • Alejandra Jimenez Armitage • Peter Philip Collins • Rhiannon Grist • Gerry Stewart • Robin Stephen Brown • Tricia Elliott • Elena Sims • Alwyn Marriage • Swara Shukla • Zoe Storrie • Linda Crate

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Published: June 15, 2020 (2nd Edition)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780463224885

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