Mammalia by Helen Bowie

With the desertion of the vermin-people’s utopia, the vermin-children take to their own intergenerational justice, beginning anew through the art of the piper’s song.

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Propositions for the Living by Armaan

A writer enters self-imposed exile after writing what he believes to be a terrible book. But what will become of the world when the book reaches the shelves—and will its creator recognize his impact upon returning to an entirely changed society?

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Regeneration by Kit Jenkin

I remember Calvin and Darwin being spoken of with the same tongue, seeing our King James Bible beside A Brief History of Time, and the theory of relativity being used to prove the immanence of the divine.

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Glendalough by Anna Loughran

Chrissy stopped in her tracks and turned to Helen in excitement. “Look, Mum,” she said. “Look at the sparkle in the water. It’s gold, I swear. I’m going to be rolling in it, just you wait!”

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The Firebird in Bangkok by Pim Wangtechawat

There was a firebird in Bangkok, two days after Valentine’s Day. The first sighting of the bird was at 4:57 pm: a woman selling fake iPhone cases on the street near the Tesco Lotus at On Nut called 191 and reported that she had seen wings in the sky, just above the Skytrain – wings bright red and orange and crackling with fire.

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