Walking Shoes by Mariann Evans

After finding her husband’s old walking shoes, a feisty elderly lady with dementia takes a trip to visit him in hospital, but finds a heart-breaking truth waiting for her instead.

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A Hauf an a Hauf by Peter Bennett

An elderly man reflects on his past and, by extension, his current place in life as he goes to collect his pension and meet a friend for an afternoon drink. (Extract from Peter Bennett’s upcoming novel.)

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Mammalia by Helen Bowie

With the desertion of the vermin-people’s utopia, the vermin-children take to their own intergenerational justice, beginning anew through the art of the piper’s song.

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Propositions for the Living by Armaan

A writer enters self-imposed exile after writing what he believes to be a terrible book. But what will become of the world when the book reaches the shelves—and will its creator recognize his impact upon returning to an entirely changed society?

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