Stories of Rebellion


Stories of Rebellion is an anthology of prose and poetry about courage that persists in defiance of repression, spirit that refuses to be crushed by injustice, and individuality that flourishes in darkness. The pieces map the contours of rebellion in all its forms, from the cataclysmic wrath of ancient deities to the endless struggle against our most ingrained insecurities.

With contributions penned by a diverse assortment of emerging or established authors from around the world, this collection will challenge you to reconsider what it means to hold fast or rise up, and to recognize the defiance, strength, and daring inherent in even the smallest act of rebellion.

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This volume includes contributions by the following authors: Alex Cregan, Alisa Lindfield-Pratt, Alshaad Kara, A. W. Earl, Charlotte Newbury, Christina Hennemann, Dana Knott, David Milley, D. Rudd-Mitchell, Devon Webb, Emma Wells, Jack Hinks, James J. Siegel, Jo Flynn, Kaci O'Meara, Karen Arnold, Lewis Brown, M. J. Gomez, Noémi Kiss-Deáki, Odi Welter, Oenone Thomas, Olga Dermott-Bond, Paul Forster, Petra Zajc, R. W. Thorne, Raina Alidjani, Reyzl Grace, Roxane Llanque, Sam Casey, S. R. Vidmar, Sayani De, Shantha Chinniah, Surabhi Naik, and Zack Wilkins.

Cover art by Blake Doucet.

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Format: ebook
Published: February 24, 2024
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-7385295-0-6



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