Well-Tempered by Meghan Purvis

I am tremendous fun at dinner parties / I say this as a joke but it’s true, I talk / and hardly pause for breath, a ticking metronome / of story punchline setup story and only rest a moment

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For the Bear by Meghan Purvis

When they decided to kill the priest it was winter / and they wanted it slow. They led him out barefoot / to a steaming pot, and had us each take turns / dipping an enormous ladle, black from other hands.

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raining somewhere else by Olga Demott-Bond

i sometimes think that everything that has ever happened to me / is raining somewhere else. i sometimes think that the water has found / a path through high trees, worked its way inside another room, so the damp / next door is spreading, curving an unknown ceiling into a misshapen moon.

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Shi by Zoe Konstantinou

-Savage! / You read my poems and tore the pages. / -… / Mute / Ir-rational / a Chinese poem played on the speakers. / Black dirty pots on the hob.

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Did You Hear About Mom? by Demi Anter

did you hear about the time mom danced all night in prague? / she was in love with a saxophone player and, by proxy, / all saxophone players. jazz made her feel alive and warm even as / the snow fell on cobbled roads and she and paulina left faint trails

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