Selected Poems by Christian Ward

Jul 26, 2023


The moon has retracted its roots 
while the sky glows like a toaster filament.
The houses below sleep. Few 
wake so early to the regimented pop-up of
toast, the kettle’s dominant click. 

The foxes are hiding to rehearse for night.
The birds are part of the background. Even
the insects are only extras, now. 

Night will empire like mycelium later.
Still, we’ll ask ourselves if love 
can survive the cost of living. 
These words have meaning. 
Remember that the heart 
can outweigh more than dusk.



A Rorschach test 
with unlimited interpretations.
                           My childhood 

clinging like tree frogs,
rain to a cloud, 
                                      edging away.


Anti Valentine’s Day Poem 

God how the cicada infected
with deadly fungi 
attracting unsuspecting mates
reminds me 
of you

Christian Ward is a UK-based writer who has recently appeared in Open Minds Quarterly, Double Speak, Obsessed with Pipework, Primeval Monster, Clade Song, Uppagus, and BlueHouse Journal.

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