Octopus by Magali Roman

In Paris, every advertisement is a painting. The city is wallpapered with them: vibrant, colorful posters that grow like moss on every surface.

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Very Much Alive

The pre-pandemic stories you will find in this book do not contain utopias or cast a light back on a better or happier time. They don’t tell stories of a world where nothing bad happens. As you’ll read, it is the small acts of resiliency that give humans the courage to face their fears, and ultimately, to change.

– Lexie Angelo

The Same Havoc

Having a home is serious. In the stories, poems and non-fiction essays in the following collection we find not one fixed notion of home, but a spinning multitude that reflects this continual movement and change.

– Christina Neuwirth

States of Transformation

This anthology has done what a good contemporary anthology ought to do: gather together a small crowd of smart people, and through their writings, capture a snapshot of that change. It shows us what things look like right here. Right now.

– Claire Askew

Interview: Emily Horgan and Zach Dickson

The editors of So Hormonal discuss the making of the book and its reception.

Interview: Meghan Purvis

Meghan Purvis received an MA and PhD from the University of East Anglia, and an MFA from North Carolina State University. Her translation of Beowulf was published in 2013

Interview: Maria Turtschaninoff

Taliha Quadri interviews Finnish fantasy author Maria Turtschaninoff. Her book series The Red Abbey Chronicles is published by Pushkin Press and translated by Annie Prime.

Quick Fire Q&A with Łukasz Drobnik

Robin Brown interviews Łukasz Drobnik, author of ‘Airborne’, a short story featured in The Selkie’s anthology, Transformation

Interview: Faran Kiani

Taliha Quadri interviews Faran Kiani, the author of Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince, which was the first ever fantasy book in English published by the National Book Foundation of Pakistan.

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