Lightener of Stars by Dylan Willoughby

Jun 21, 2023

Sharp the placenames of reliquary 
Bitter the taste of the buried 
I stand hunched by the Lake of Saints

Disinter my brutal brutalized heart
Vouchsafe passage to the newly birthed
To the freshly dead and to the undying 

Lightener of stars, ghost of the hollybush
Beware nomenclature of fallow redemption 
Flows the rivulet like a spun sin 

Sallow swaying       the swallow’s course 
In gouts of rain, raiment of slow flood
Prevailing winds and the kissed bloodroot

(I mistook for bloodrot)
Here the reivers of deciduous souls
Pounce upon the precipitate 

Now it is night and I am shadow minister
Presiding over the stopped clocks of the world
The candescence of flickering words, my unfaith

Dylan Willoughby

Dylan Willoughby

Dylan Willoughby has poems due out in Agenda (England) and Conduit. His photography was recently featured in Wrongdoing Magazine. Willoughby has been a residency fellow at Yaddo and MacDowell.

IG @lostinstarsmusic

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