Reflections by George Parker

Finding the Vulva on a Beach    Latin-wise, as vagina, I am sheath, made for holding life. I aman oyster shell, made for children to cup, hollow to hollow, against their ears. To press into hands of their own giants, to say, Listen, and have one towering pillar of grey and rules abandon sense...

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Selected Poems by Priyanka Sacheti

Tree Mother   A prickly platinum river  cracks the bruised sky in  two. A tree mother dressed in bridal finery, arms laden with moon flowers, stands quietly, drenched in star rain. By dawn, the ground beneath her feet will be a city of broken dove wings. The day the ground turns red,  the...

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Selected Poems by Christian Ward

Dawn  The moon has retracted its roots while the sky glows like a toaster filament. The houses below sleep. Few wake so early to the regimented pop-up of toast, the kettle’s dominant click.  The foxes are hiding to rehearse for night. The birds are part of the background. Even the insects are only...

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Selected Poems by Clementine E. Burnley

Recovering the memory of water   You can see Africa from the high Alpujarra they sayfrom a bus window. So, I have packed cucumbers, sheep’s milk cheese, and a Conference pear. I seek a place here, where dry fields sketch a geography of separation.Everywhere, underfoot is the memory of water....

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Selkies by Emma Wells

Seductive seal skin is my coat – zippered for ease of removal; I slip in and out of worlds both human and mystical praying that one day my skin knots to backbone, binds as spines to published pages completing the bleary badge of a true, life-worn selkie: for I am no myth, nor fairytale fancy.

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Talking about the weather by Myrna Al-Tajuri

…eyes on my skin, small hellos and howeyas in smoking areas and bathroom queues / imagined passengers in passing cars feel like scalpel incisions – the flaying of a beast. I crumple into nothing under floodlights of sight.

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Interview: Emily Horgan and Zach Dickson

The editors of So Hormonal discuss the making of the book and its reception.

Interview: Meghan Purvis

Meghan Purvis received an MA and PhD from the University of East Anglia, and an MFA from North Carolina State University. Her translation of Beowulf was published in 2013

Interview: Maria Turtschaninoff

Taliha Quadri interviews Finnish fantasy author Maria Turtschaninoff. Her book series The Red Abbey Chronicles is published by Pushkin Press and translated by Annie Prime.

Quick Fire Q&A with Łukasz Drobnik

Robin Brown interviews Łukasz Drobnik, author of ‘Airborne’, a short story featured in The Selkie’s anthology, Transformation

Interview: Faran Kiani

Taliha Quadri interviews Faran Kiani, the author of Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince, which was the first ever fantasy book in English published by the National Book Foundation of Pakistan.

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