The Same Havoc Cover

The Same Havoc

Edited by Sam Le Butt, May 2020 | Goodreads

Every type of home, from the home we make in our own bodies to the big collective home of our planet, is at times called into question by our current global political and civil discussions. What kind of body do we accept, do we protect? How do we understand our relationship to and our responsibility for the spinning space rock we live on? Having a home is serious. In the stories, poems and non-fiction essays in the following collection we find not one fixed notion of home, but a spinning multitude that reflects this continual movement and change.
– Christina Neuwirth

Nick Askew • Lola Gaztañaga Baggen • Sofía Ballesteros • Kirsteen Bell • Ruth Bradshaw • Sasha Saben Callaghan • Jennifer Dickinson • Luciana Erregue-Sacchi • Mariann Evans • Jude Gray • Toonika Guha • Claire Hinchliffe • Alexis Keir • Milagros Lasarte • Wes Lee • Quinn Lui • Melanie Maclennan • Ethel Maqeda • Juliette F. Martin • Jan McCarthy • Becca McGilloway • Sasha R. Moghimi-Kian • Christopher Moore • Vina Nguyen • Alice Pain • Charlotte Pain • Nathan Pascu • Ely Percy • Charlotte Rattray • Stan Reed • Aimée Rogers • Lucy Rose • Shivani Sekar • Judith Skillman • Susan Taylor • John Tinneny • Lydia Unsworth • Marjorie Waterman • Alexandra Ye

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