Shi by Zoe Konstantinou

You read my poems and tore the pages.
a Chinese poem played on the speakers. 
Black dirty pots on the hob.

      No defense. 
He read the poems. It’s fine. 
Now he prepares filter coffee in a dirty machine.
His friend pointed it out.
It’s ok, I needed coffee. He wanted me gone soon.

My eyes clung to him. Sentimental stalking. 
I lit a cigarette then another. He didn’t like that. 
Faster. (Leave!)
There was a knife on the stove. For meat. 

He took it up, 
feigned stabbing me. Smiling
more than once.
 Time to leave.

P.S: Inscrutable desires
        Forgive me.

Zoe Konstantino

Zoe Konstantinou splits her time between Athens and Edinburgh where she pursues her masters in International Relations. She is passionate about Latin America and she dreams of travelling around the continent in the next couple of years. Her favourite author is Roberto Bolaño.

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