Ablution by Syed Shehzar M. Doja

You still — dream in
palette tips, lost tongues,
hung in cloth

floating on the bank of the Ganges’
sacred — inadmissible

supplication — still
cling onto fade of a tapestry,
forgotten defect — history erodes

candles grow,
become dim

thin, tin roofs.

Somewhere, a canopy of distant memories emerge;
a man pitches a tent, a woman carries his — ablution.

Syed Shehzar M. Doja

Syed Shehzar M. Doja resides in Luxembourg as a poet and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of The Luxembourg Review. His poetry has appeared in the New Welsh Review, San Antonio Review, Dhaka Tribune: Arts & Letters, Delano, and Monsoon Letters. He was a featured poet in 'SpokenWord Paris' and a NewAge (newspaper) 'Youth Icon'. His first collection 'Drift' (Monsoon Letters) was published in 2016. You can follow Shehzar on Twitter @shehzar.

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