our annual guest by Sameeya Maqbool

So, whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast.
Holy Qur’an

he sails from an island
eleven months after
watching his reflection
in the face of the sky

we dust the foul language
from our tongues
wash away the music
sleeping in our eardrums

as he knocks on the door
hands over a gift
of Taraweeh prayers
a glint of Laylatul Qadr

we refresh our taste buds
with Ajwa dates
and our eyes adjust
to the shades of the night

as he slips out of our house
on the joyous sighting
of the new moon

Sameeya Maqbool

Sameeya Maqbool is a British Pakistani Muslim, literary scholar, and poet born and raised in Lancashire. She has recently completed a combined MA in Creative Writing with English Literary Studies at Lancaster University. Her poems have appeared in SPAM zine & Press, Flash Literary Journal, Not Very Quiet and more. Twitter @SameeyaMaqbool

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