Pomegranate for Beginners & Kouridashi by Bluey Little

Jul 5, 2023

Pomegranate for Beginners


start with a bruised 

body and the wrong knife,
take a hound’s eye: follow  

the pierce and spatter,
little globules seething

as red thumbs dig
to outrun the decay. 





your eye for an act of decreation; my finest

conjuring trick. first I scatter

athwart, let my rose-kissed


knuckles pound ice into cloud

and make hazy entrance       tell me

which role you’d like me to play. I will melt

into its garrotte, clarion and clinking.



for a second round: still frigid, sweating

a little. let me slip behind the lacquer

screen, my inbetween


is for me only. a third

is out of the question.

                                 you’re pushing

your luck just asking. besides, you would not relish

the glimmer phases of my moonface turned

blush         fuchsia         berry          carmine

       turned          turned        turned


cochineal pulp, a glass of wriggling

sour nothings


eager to burrow through gum

to brew a milktooth


of rot that will not be wrenched, no

matter your knack with industrial pliers


stick to two servings, liebling.

                     I’m sweeter this way

Bluey Little (she/they) is a hot mess of air signs. She is also a queer poet and theatremaker based between Glasgow and London. You can find more of their work in: the lickety~split, Daughterhood Zine, -algia, and Bathed in Concrete.

IG @blueylit

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