What it Can Look Like by Lucy Crispin

Going in with her, she made sure
there was a notebook and pen
in her bag, so she could write
down stuff they might forget.

Set two alarms, drove
through the bad traffic, drank
unspeakable coffee, talked
about nothing either

would remember, waited
eventually in silence
in the scruffy room where
time gapes, swallows

everything. Strange,
what love can actually
look like. “The doctor
will see you now.”

Lucy Crispin

Lucy Crispin is a former Poet Laureate of South Cumbria. Her work has appeared in Envoi, Eildon Tree, The Salopian, Literary Oxygen, Poetry Cornwall, The Quiet Feather, Allegro and Poetic Licence as well as in other anthologies. She works freelance for the Wordsworth Trust and as a person-centred counsellor and facilitator.

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