Never Speak to Me of Things Without Soul by Flaminia Colella

Originally published as ‘Non parlarmi mai di cose che non hanno anima’
Translated from the Italian by Stefano Paparo

Never speak to me
of things without soul
they don’t do it for me
or for you.
Leave them to those
who have moments
to waste, to those allowed
the luxury of lingering.
We, as you see
are born desperate
have tormented spirits
devastated bodies.
For us
nothing’s left but
to strip away
the fear
of dying, to set
each other on fire
and burn

Flaminia Colella

Flaminia Colella was born in Rome in 1996. She studies law while cultivating a passion for writing. ‘Non parlarmi mai di cose che non hanno anima' previously appeared in her first published book of poetry, Sul Crinale. Stefano Paparo is an Italian-American poet. He holds a BFA in Poetry from Portland State University, and he's currently pursuing a master's in Poetry at the University of Edinburgh.

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