Here is My Silence by Alycia Pirmohamed

Jul 25, 2018

This antagonistic

version of myself is not unlike

the coyotes we watched
stalk the ice.

I want to explain.
To tell you how these fires

around me
were never started by

my hands.

But I do not explain
how you are a universal

experience I long for.

I am not that coyote,
that half-bitten

shaped truth. Yes,

sometimes I stay awake

not science fiction, not
my favourite lyric


but brutality.
Here is the ebb and flow

of anger, and enough
sorrow to last

three more days.
Sorrow I, Sorrow II

Sorrow III—do you

that this is the title
of everything I make?

I see my eyes everywhere,
in all things

and when I say eyes,
I mean envy.

Believe me. Sometimes
I whisper

in the dark as your arm

reaches across the skin
it took months

to let you see.
I can’t blame

you for not listening.
I blame you

for not listening.

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