Starkillers by Akshay Fotedar

The fragile mesh of thoughts
torn by a falling star.
A sundering of worlds;
the incompleteness

In dark desires, glory was found,
butchered, hung up by the window
for finer sensibilities.

Twisted wraiths
float in the vacuum;
We are starkillers.
Our truth will bind you
brand you
leave you hungry.

Never-ending sham
of complexity, riddles,
truths shared hesitantly.
A torn mask
marks this lie.
Draw a gaudy heart
across an empty chest.

Akshay Fotedar

Akshay Fotedar was born in Jammu, India, and lives in New Delhi. He is trying to make sense of mania, depression, and what lies between. He writes when drowsy and edits when the mood strikes, usually weeks later. His alter-ego is a salesman.

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