The Selkie is committed to working with marginalised and/or underrepresented voices and will only accept work by/concerned with: individuals identifying as women; people of colour; minorities in predominantly white nations; refugees and first-generation immigrants; LGBTQIA+; those living with mental illness, or physical or other disabilities; those persecuted for their political or religious beliefs; victims of violence, or domestic or sexual abuse; and those without access to higher education degrees, living below the poverty line, or who are/have been homeless or incarcerated.

Please clarify which of the above you or your work identifies within your email, further details are not necessary. This information will be treated confidentially; we will not make any personal details public without your written permission.

Submissions must be attached as a Microsoft Word compatible document. We aim to respond to submissions within two weeks.


Flash fiction, short stories, and extracts from novels.

Flash fiction: under 1,000 words

Short stories and extracts: 1,500–4,000 words

Send submissions to:


Maximum 5 pages.

Send submissions to:


Personal essays, narrative nonfiction, and memoir.

1,000–3,000 words.

Send submissions to:


Essays on art/illustration, and interviews.

Artwork and illustrations can also be sent to be featured alongside relevant posts and/or our social media channel.

Art and Illustration: 500 words minimum

All images must be of high quality and in PNG or JPEG format.

Send submissions to:

Please ensure your submission is accompanied by a short author biography (about 2–3 sentences). You’re welcome to submit a photograph along with the bio, but this isn’t necessary.