You Resist

by Flaminia Colella


Originally published as ‘Resisti’
Translated from the Italian by Stefano Paparo

You resist.
I hear it still
your heart
sobbing down
muted streets
in search of
an escape route.

I cannot leave you
to die like this
but also I cannot
leave you to live
like this.

With eyes full
of pleasure I’ve
always seen
you, but today
I see you fall apart



Flaminia was born in Rome in 1996. She studies law while cultivating a passion for writing. ‘Senza niente addosso’ previously appeared in her first published book of poetry, Sul Crinale.

Stefano Paparo is an Italian-American poet. He holds a BFA in Poetry from Portland State University, and he’s currently pursuing a master’s in Poetry at the University of Edinburgh.

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