What is the ‘New Voices Workshop’?

The New Voices Workshop is a mentorship program that is offered by members of our editorial team to aspiring writers. There is no cost to apply or participate.

The Selkie is passionate about working with people who have a story to tell and would like to write and publish their first piece of fiction, narrative nonfiction, personal essay or poetry.

As new writers, we often don’t know how or even where to start.

We will directly work with you to provide access to tools that develop your skills as a writer and guide you to figure out some of the most important questions about your piece: who is the piece about, what is it about and why must it be told?

There are many roadblocks for aspiring writers in underrepresented communities and we are here to remove the first barrier.

Whether you have an idea that can be summarised in two lines or have been struggling with the first thousand words of a draft – a member of our editorial team will spend the month working with you to develop a piece that will lead to your first publication through our site.

Take Part

The New Voices Workshop was founded by Lis Mesa, and is spearheaded by her and Chelsea Welsh to mentor unpublished writers for the New Voices selection.

If you are interested in participating in the New Voices Workshop, please complete the New Voices Workshop submission form