Heavenly Bodies

by Kendra Ferguson


imagine me
as a landscape
without flight

i’d be drinking my own koolaid
and if there were a sleeve of saltines
i’d have my own sacrament

movement legally means change
which myers briggs is best
to eat for dinner

no thanks, i already ate
the saltines, remember?
it’s easier to shape letters into words

than it is to be in
charge of a body

i wanna be a mom
to a baby or
a higher power

or a different kind
of hymn, one
for someone

who doesn’t like music



Kendra is a poet from Portland, Oregon. Previously published in Epigraph Magazine, Ghost City Review, and Alien Mouth, she is currently the curator of WORD SALAD, a live critique series, and an MA candidate in Book Publishing. She can often be found making bad jokes and going on long walks on anything but the beach, or on Instagram @internetkendra.

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