pirouetting through the farmers’ market

by Sameeya Maqbool


you hand it over the table
I carry it towards my nose

stroke the creases on its cover
massage it against my own

it’s as though autumn leaves
shook hands with the moon

pledging to hide a city
under this fruit’s rind

but my knife is a country
cutting through the centre

leaving remnants of life
in cups of white houses

explosions slip on my dress
like miniature rubies

only to do all of this again
with a different fruit

I’m happy with these rumaan
I’ll take the whole basket

Sameeya Maqbool is a British Pakistani Muslim, literary scholar, and poet born and raised in Lancashire. She has recently completed a combined MA in Creative Writing with English Literary Studies at Lancaster University. Her poems have appeared in SPAM zine & Press, Flash Literary Journal, Not Very Quiet and more.

Twitter @SameeyaMaqbool