Evening Shrouds

by Syed Shehzar M. Doja

The evening — the cold resilient
sweet evening is adrift
   Listen!          the muezzin
                 screams into corners
                 of himself. The sacrosanct 
is camouflage. Believe
in the echo           displacing  convenient   spaces
displaying stain glassed windows
                      folding on a dare.

Disk is distant,
it festers like moving frames
in the back-alleys of a Nice

I listened!                               to stained glass
        breaking and delivered  (its)
        shrapnel as sacrifice. 


Syed Shehzar resides in Luxembourg as a poet and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of The Luxembourg Review. His poetry has appeared in the New Welsh Review, San Antonio Review, Dhaka Tribune: Arts & LettersDelano, and Monsoon Letters. He was a featured poet in ‘SpokenWord Paris’ and a NewAge (newspaper) ‘Youth Icon’. His first collection ‘Drift’ (Monsoon Letters) was published in 2016. You can follow Shehzar on Twitter @shehzar.

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